IFRA - Nairobi
social relations
Transnational Activism: An Entangled History of the Disability Movement in Tanzania B...
12 Septembre 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
Graham R.L. Fox, « Gendered issues and contested benefits: The case of Laikipia’s Maa...
27 Juin 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
Integrated Urban Development Masterplan for the city of Nairobi (NIUPLAN)
‘We do not want any more masters’: Ruins, planning and the “messy labours” of the urb...
07 Février 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
New Deputy Director
IFRA-Nairobi is happy to welcome our new Deputy Director Chloé Josse-Durand. Prior to...
07 Février 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
appel à candidatures
Appel à candidatures FMSH/IFRA France > Afrique de l'Est | Séjours de recherche po...
26 Janvier 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
Urbanization and Street VendingReport prepared by Pierre Schlegel and Sylvain Racaud...
30 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
“Global History, East Africa and the Classical Traditions” of Les Cahiers d’Afrique d...
23 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
Urbanization and Street Vending: International Conference, 9th and 10th of November 2...
09 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
base de données
IFRA has built up a press review of East African newspapers since the late 1970’s. Th...
04 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
The east and the south of the African continent share a long history of research in a...
25 Octobre 2016
1er séminaire archéologique bilatéral de l’USR 3336 UMIFRE 24 de Nairobi, UMIFRE 25 d...
25 Octobre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
IFRA-Nairobi is offering fieldwork grants to masters and doctoral students to conduct...
07 Septembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
afrique sub-saharienne
The Conference has been organized by the French Institute for Research in Africa of N...
22 Juin 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
Politics, Practical
Anaïs Angelo, »Becoming Minister for Lands: Jackson Angaine and Meru politics (1961-1...
30 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
Adèle Charbonneau, « Managing conflicts in slums within a relocation project: Case st...
18 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est / The East African Review n° 50, 2015 Chief Editor: Ma...
17 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
By: Véronique  Fourault-Cauët, Jean-Fabien Steck and Alissa Jeridi The Nairobi Nation...
04 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
CALL FOR PAPERS by IFRA in collaboration with the Technical University of Kenya Confe...
03 Mai 2016