IFRA - Nairobi
social relations
Transnational Activism: An Entangled History of the Disability Movement in Tanzania B...
12 Septembre 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
Graham R.L. Fox, « Gendered issues and contested benefits: The case of Laikipia’s Maa...
27 Juin 2017
Journal of Eastern African Studies – Celebrating Ten Years (free access) The Editors...
16 Mars 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
Integrated Urban Development Masterplan for the city of Nairobi (NIUPLAN)
‘We do not want any more masters’: Ruins, planning and the “messy labours” of the urb...
07 Février 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
New Deputy Director
IFRA-Nairobi is happy to welcome our new Deputy Director Chloé Josse-Durand. Prior to...
07 Février 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
appel à candidatures
Appel à candidatures FMSH/IFRA France > Afrique de l'Est | Séjours de recherche po...
26 Janvier 2017
IFRA - Nairobi
Urbanization and Street VendingReport prepared by Pierre Schlegel and Sylvain Racaud...
30 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
“Global History, East Africa and the Classical Traditions” of Les Cahiers d’Afrique d...
23 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
base de données
IFRA has built up a press review of East African newspapers since the late 1970’s. Th...
04 Novembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
The east and the south of the African continent share a long history of research in a...
25 Octobre 2016
1er séminaire archéologique bilatéral de l’USR 3336 UMIFRE 24 de Nairobi, UMIFRE 25 d...
25 Octobre 2016
10 October 2016, Salle des Conférences, 9h-17h00 CERI-Sciences Po Le colloque interna...
10 Octobre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
IFRA-Nairobi is offering fieldwork grants to masters and doctoral students to conduct...
07 Septembre 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
afrique sub-saharienne
The Conference has been organized by the French Institute for Research in Africa of N...
22 Juin 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
Adèle Charbonneau, « Managing conflicts in slums within a relocation project: Case st...
18 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
Les Cahiers d’Afrique de l’Est / The East African Review n° 50, 2015 Chief Editor: Ma...
17 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
By: Véronique  Fourault-Cauët, Jean-Fabien Steck and Alissa Jeridi The Nairobi Nation...
04 Mai 2016
IFRA - Nairobi
CALL FOR PAPERS by IFRA in collaboration with the Technical University of Kenya Confe...
03 Mai 2016