IFRA - Nairobi
Lester Mtwana Jao, “A brief lexico-semantic study of French and Kiswahili », Mambo! V...
11 Septembre 2015
Afrique du Sud
Doté(e) d’une solide expérience d’administration de la recherche et de la direction d...
24 Août 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Seminar Series "Critical reflections on security", session 2 Presenter: Kamau Wairuri...
20 Août 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Applications are open for participants in an exciting multidisciplinary workshop expl...
17 Août 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
IFRA, Heinrich Böll Stiftung and Twaweza Communications are pleased to invite you to...
25 Juin 2015
Call for communications - Johannesburg, 17-19 September 2015 & Nairobi 2016 (date...
22 Juin 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
This evening in Dar es Salaam : a lively debate about elections in Africa at the cerc...
18 Juin 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Conference and exhibition Nairobi, 14-15 October 2015 IFRA with BIEA, Joint Programme...
02 Juin 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
general elections
  Kenya's Past as Prologue. Voters, Violence and the 2013 General Election, edited b...
20 Mai 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
call for grants
IFRA is pleased to sponsor the attendance of two East African scholars to the Europea...
20 Avril 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Performing Peace in the Great Lakes Region. Issues, Stakes and Prospects from Recent...
13 Avril 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Confirmed speakers include: Bing Zhao, Monika Udvardy, Chapuruhka Kusimba, Thomas Hak...
30 Mars 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
bourse de terrain
L'IFRA-Nairobi propose des bourses de terrain à des étudiants de master et de doctora...
26 Mars 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Across southern and eastern Africa, legacies of struggle have gained renewed politica...
18 Mars 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Introduction Anthropology of art, more specifically anthropology of musical and chor...
24 Février 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
The banking sector in East Africa has evolved considerably over the last 10-15 years...
23 Février 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
Introduction Depuis sa création en 1959, la zone de conservation du Ngorongoro (NCA)...
22 Février 2015
IFRA - Nairobi
public action
Introduction  "We want a fair system of access to land for the future and justice for...
21 Février 2015